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wildflowers in the golden hour

hello! i'm rachel.

and ever since I was a little girl with my nose in a book, i dreamed of romance and adventure. 

(i also changed outfits 4x a day and refused to wear socks that weren't red. you can ask my mom.)

those dreams have taken me all over canada, and now, i'm putting down roots in dawson creek, bc. no, pacey doesn't live here - i do, with a ridiculously tall boyfriend and two mischievous dogs named coco & chloe. 

 ideally speaking is a lifestyle blog for the smart, stylish girl who finds romance in the everyday.  


here, you'll find thoughtful pieces set in dreamy locations. style (maybe red socks, maybe not). beauty. food. interior design. travel. life.

i'm so glad you've stumbled on my corner of the internet. it was meant to be! if you'd like to work with me or say hi and introduce yourself, let's chat at:



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