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the antidote to having nothing to wear

You know how you often look at your generously overflowing closet and think, I have nothing to wear?

(If you don't find this to be a problem, substitute the clothes in the closet with your drug of choice. A garage full of tools, but always one missing? Cupboards bursting, but nothing to eat? DVDs falling off shelves, yet nothing to watch?)

Well, I found the antidote.

After graduating with my handy-dandy english lit degree, I moved back in with my parents and worked at a golf resort for oh, about a year and a half. Innocently feeling like I had money to burn (what are extra payments on a student loan, anyway?), I would online shop my heart out.

J. Crew was my poison of choice, at the time, as I died for their stunning and effortlessly styled catalogues (now I only order their gorgeous bathing suits when they're on steep offseason sales).

And, at that time, I had a New Clothes Drawer.


Listen carefully: this is the antidote to feeling like you have nothing to wear.

A New Clothes Drawer. Yup, an entire drawer dedicated to new garb. Unworn. Or barely worn.

You know! Clothes that haven't lost their zest!

Side effects of this drug include hoarding and an increased susceptibility to online shopping. Also, this drug may add a year onto the repayment of your student loan. DO NOT try this at home.

Read on for a drama in real life.


Four years ago, I bought a knockout white lace dress from Dynamite. Soft, feminine, fit perfectly. But, more thrilling than the dress itself, was the dream that darted into my head. Idealism Attacks!

On a fresh, warm, summer evening, complete with fireflies, my hair would be sublimely curled, and the dress would be accessorized with gorgeous tan leather sandals. There was a handsome (yet faceless) guy by my side. Probably, after coffee and dessert (cheesecake), we'd be strolling on the walking bridge in Fredericton (I lived there at the time), and there might even be candles on the railing as we strolled.

Needless to say, that exact scenario NEVER happened and so I NEVER wore that dress.

That dress still hangs, pristine, in my closet (and in five closets since, moving with me across the country), full of zest.

That dress has never had the opportunity to lose that zest.


So, consider this: What have I missed out on by not wearing that dress?

When I look at that white dress, so fresh and sweet in my various closets, all I see is a castle in the air. A castle that isn't solid or real.

Oh yeah, I could recreate it! While the walking bridge is 373 km away, and my handsome guy is as far as 5331, it's still a possibility. The components of my dream are real things that exist in the world.

But in real life, it will never feel the way it did in my head.

That's the blessing and the curse of being an idealist.

If I wear the hell out of the dress, every time I look at it, I'll be flashing back to verifiable, physical memories.

Although bits of zest will be sparking off like the fireflies I imagined, and I will probably then look past it, thinking that I have nothing to wear, and decide to order something off my Aritzia wishlist...the dress will mean something different, and something good to me when I look at it and touch it.

Ideally speaking, it will be great.

I'll let you know how it goes.




Seeing as this dress is FOUR YEARS OLD, I've linked five other options here that are even more beautiful.

1. A sleek slip dress from Aritzia (my current poison of choice).

2. A strappy lace dress from Zara.

3. This cross-front lace dress from Shoptiques makes me want to run thru meadows.

4. Another Shoptiques pick, a crochet lace bell sleeved dress.

5. And, here's a maxi version from Boutique 1861 (sizes run big).

Same deal with the shoes. If I was buying for this dress now...

1. I'd probably go with the cleaner lines of these heels from Aldo.

2. For a shorter heel try these.

3. Or for a fun version in velvet, these ones from Zara.

enjoy xo

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