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the world needs more Canada

It's a phrase found on t-shirts & mugs everywhere this summer: the world needs more Canada.

We're only human. We want more of a good thing.

But do we really need more of this country? What Canada is to me is likely very different than what Canada is to you, and that's the gorgeousness of our country... there's enough Canada to go around.

In my experience, Canada is the teapot whistling come in, already.

Canada is wild roses running rampant along the winding Cape Breton roads. It's the blue sea and the blue sky clambering foot over fossil at Margaree Harbour, and it's the grey sky and the grey sea, waves frothy against the red red red shore of Prince Edward Island, and it's the violet, wide-eyed amethysts glittering in a case at the R.O.M. It's a damp bathing suit in a heat wave and a frost burnt face in a Canada Goose parka. It's the music trickling through Fredericton's Officer's Square, running up against and seeping through historic brick and stone.

Canada is city lights stretching on forever in Toronto and the snow that's a million stars on the ground in Cambridge Bay.

And that is only a minuscule portion of my experience, and perhaps, nothing of yours.

So knowing that still, beyond all this, there is more Canada... and knowing the impossibility of understanding every bit of its exquisite, sweeping, more-ness...

I am EXHAUSTED. But in the greatest, most exciting, luckiest way.

And I'll keep trying to know as much of it as I can.

Come in, already.




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