september means the prettiest day planners

New Year's Eve is always so anti-climatic. That's probably because Marissa and Ryan set the bar so high on the O.C., and I've never experienced time slowing down while silver confetti fell perfectly on my hair (one day though... one day).

But the New Year's feeling of a fresh start? That I can get behind! Yup, I love resolutions. And you can get that refreshing new beginning feeling to some extent when all the seasons change, but especially in September. It's a new year on a smaller scale. Less drama, less pressure, less confetti.

Summertime means there's usually a more relaxed structure to your day. It's easier to get dressed (throw on a sundress or shorts and a tee and sandals) and it's easier to cook (everything BBQ) and it's easier to stay up later (the nights are longer). Then when autumn comes around, it's exciting to snap back into routine and a mindset of Getting Shit Done.

I'm not headed back to school, but my favourite subject is planning... and September is the perfect time to set some goals for the year.


One of the goals that I've set for September is to plan my drive across the country. And then drive across the country.

This may be cheating as a goal because it's something that is happening. I literally have to get from one side of the country to the other, so it's not like going to the gym. It's un-put-off-able!

And this is not one of those long, meandering, dreamy trips across Canada where you discover bears and mosquitos in provincial parks and magical hole-in-the-wall towns - this is a trip where it’s about the destination, not the journey. So it's even more important to plan for the places I really wanna stop.

(I’m looking at you, vintage motels where you’re kinda creeped out but you also can’t wait to instagram it all.)


In the spirit of new goals and plans, September is also the perfect time for a new day planner...

I already find it impossible to walk by Chapters in the mall, so it's really not fair when they ALSO put out a sale sign. I'm drawn right in past the $10 tables and Heather's picks to journal central.

The wall display of 2018 agendas had me drooling, and I finally chose this one.

Day planners are surprisingly personal, and my agenda must have list is:

  1. It's gotta be pretty

  2. It's gotta have tons of space for notes

That means I don't care if it's bulky or not. I don't carry my planner around in my purse like a student might.

Instead, I want a planner that is a piece of decor in my office, or on my bedside table, so it adds to the atmosphere when I reach for it to write a bite-sized journal entry that recaps my day. I write down important events (mainly so I can look ahead and see what I need to online shop for), and I also set goals, keep track of new habits, and dream.

Here are the day planners I drooled over in Chapters... and almost bought more than one!


If you are also an agenda aficionado, my wish for both of us is that we not only plan, but we implement those plans, and that these planners are overflowing with a full, full life over the next 18 months...

ideally speaking and all.



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