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the ideal fall bucket list

Hello & happy fall to you!

Now that the first day of fall is under our belts, we're in the thick of it.

Here's ten things we can do this autumn to have a happy season!

ONE. Get thee a new day planner (make sure it's a gorgeous one so you are motivated to actually use it) and create your own personal fall bucket list. September is a great time to set new goals, start new habits, or learn a new hobby.

Bonus tip: keep a gratitude journal. Write down at least three things you feel gratitude about every day in your agenda, and by thanksgiving, your heart will be overflowing when it's your turn 'round the table to say what you're thankful for!

TWO. Here's an idea for a new fall hobby: plant an indoor garden. Not only will you enjoy fresh herbs and veggies through the winter, plants improve the air quality of your home (great while windows are shut up tight), and it'll give a small boost to your self-esteem (also important since seasonal depression is a thing) to have grown them yourself. I may pull the trigger on this simple, modern, mobile salad growing cart...

Bonus tip: Microgreens are hot right now and add an interesting nutritional punch to your meals!

THREE. Make a trip to the farmer's market: harvest time means lots of local produce. You get to support your community, save $$$ (often veggies, eggs, etc. are less expensive than at the store), put good food into your body, and enjoy the simple pleasure of a leisurely weekend outing, wandering through the stalls, latte in hand.

Bonus tip: pick up some pumpkins to...

FOUR. Decorate your front step! Even just a wreath and a couple of adorable pumpkins (carved or no) go a long way to freshen up your entrance, and will give you a little jolt of happiness every time you see it.

Bonus tip: incorporate a teal pumpkin into your decor, and become a part of The Teal Pumpkin Project so kids with food allergies can enjoy Halloween too.

FIVE. In honour of Halloween, do something that scares you. The more you do, the more you can do. I have a scary bucket list too. There are big things on that list. But there are also lots of little things, like learn how to build a fire. As you conquer the little things, you build confidence to tackle the big ones.

Bonus tip: include a friend. Sharing a fear can lessen the power it holds over you, and having a friend to listen, understand, and cheer you on as you come through on the other side will bring you even closer. So be vulnerable, let them be that person for you, and make sure you cheer your pompoms off for them, too.

SIX. Light more candles. Such a simple thing, and for me, a real form of self-care, because scent plays a significant role in creating an atmosphere. I light a candle first thing, and sit in the sun porch with my coffee, to set the tone for the day.

Bonus tip: try these gorgeous soy wax, cotton cored candles from Foxhound Collection. I'm currently burning Vanilla Cassis, but I have my eye on Balsam next ('cause there is no better scent in real life than the fresh, clean living smell of the woods in Cape Breton).

SEVEN. Reorganize your closet so big sweaters and bigger scarves are at the forefront and luxuriate in the coziness of dressing for fall!

Bonus tip: an easy, inexpensive way to slide into fall is using more dark, bad-ass colours on your nails.

EIGHT. Enjoy a classic autumn experience like going to a pumpkin patch, or apple picking. Then bake pumpkin pie, or make apple cider - the ultimate fall flavour.

Bonus tip: dress cute and take pictures for your Christmas cards!

NINE. Tis the season of fall premieres, so make a list, watch 'em all, discuss with friends, and pick out your new must-watch, glued to the TV, guilty pleasure for the season. What will be the next This is Us?!

Bonus tip: check for shows that are adapted from a book - then read the book first. If you live for spoilers.

TEN. Become a sneaky, big-eared little elf. Whenever someone on your Christmas gift list says "I'd like that" or "I wish I had one of these" or "this is so cute", jot it down in the notes app on your phone.

Bonus tip: Using your notes, buy everyone's presents in one fell swoop on Black Friday, taking advantage of the steep discounts from the comfort of your living room. Alternatively, if you prefer to buy unique, artisanal gifts, thinking about it early on and slowly picking things up here and there means when December rolls around, you'll be thankful.

Any other ideas for a beautiful, fully lived, happy fall season? Let me know. I'm always adding to the list.



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